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The engineer you need in building your dream project

The engineer you need in building your dream project

A lot of people think that they only need an architect to build their dream project. It could be a vacation house or a private villa in Thailand. But while architects are usually tasked with design conceptualization, there are engineers who provide specific services necessary to complete the project. As much as architects are important in every construction project, engineers are as important as architects because these professionals work hand-in-hand in creating the greatly designed but safe structures.

Who are these engineers?

Many real estate developers in Thailand employ a management team consisting of licensed architects, licensed construction engineers, foremen, project manager and landscape designers. Every project of the developer is managed by a project management team, dedicated to a particular project. A dedicated project manager for every project is tasked to ensure that all key professionals vital to the implementation of the house or building plans are doing their specific responsibilities and scope of work. The key players that take care of the engineering aspect of a house or building are:

Construction / Structural Engineer

This is otherwise known in other places as structural engineer. His main responsibility is to make sure that the architect’s design is structurally sound and safe. He designs the beams, columns, foundations, roof trusses and other structural components of the house. He makes sure that the correct specifications of concrete, steel bars, steel plates, etc. are used in the construction of the dream house or project. He determines the construction or building materials that should be used for the project.

Mechanical Engineer

Houses have mechanical components – heating and air conditioning, plumbing, and sewer lines. These components are best handled by a mechanical engineer, whose task is to make sure that the house or building has good ventilation. He may also oversee the works of a master plumber for the installation of plumbing system including fixtures and appliances. He also determines the heating and cooling specifications for each room in the house, and makes sure that appropriate pipe works and duct works are done for each area in the house. The mechanical engineer is responsible for the design or a sewer system that will take care of the household’s waste water.

Electrical Engineer

All the electrical wiring, outlets, circuit and load specifications per area in the house are designed by the electrical engineer. He determines the load capacity of the entire electrical system for all the appliances, and other electrical systems that needed to be supplied with electricity. He makes sure that there are sufficient electrical outlets in every room and that the system is safe from occurrences of over-capacity or over-loading. The electrical engineer also includes energy-efficient features in the design of the electrical system for the house.

In Thailand, it’s common to see engineering companies spearheading housing projects. These engineering companies have a resident architect who handles all the design requirements of the company’s projects. To know more about the important roles of an architect, read this post.