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Saving mother earth - The benefits of using solar panels

Saving mother earth – The benefits of using solar panels

When it comes to green movement, Thailand joins the world in actively promoting efforts to save Mother Earth. In fact, under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is the Pollution and Control Department (PCD) tasked with the implementation of Thai Environmental Regulations through the Enhancement and Conservation of the National Environmental Quality Act BE 2535.

By that alone, the government shows its seriousness in dealing with environmental issues. And everyone in Thailand has embraced the government’s efforts as they talk about renewable sources of energy and ways to protect the environment. Solar power is one of the numerous environment-friendly measures which the people in Thailand are focusing on to reduce their energy consumption. It is part of the considerations in constructing new buildings and homes.

Solar power offers many advantages and benefits which the people should understand in order to know how it can contribute to saving Mother Earth.

Zero Energy Cost

To begin with, using solar power will cost you zero expense. It doesn’t require gas or electricity. What it needs is the power of the mighty sun. You will only be spending for the cost of the solar panels. But after installing the panels, the savings in energy costs will exceed your investment on the solar panels.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

In terms of environmental-friendliness, solar power tops the other sources of energy. It is in fact one of the best ways to go “green”. Because it does not generate pollution, it reduces carbon footprint. Generating energy does not cause any greenhouse gas emission. The process of producing solar energy is by conducting the sun’s radiation, which is devoid of gas, smoke or other chemical by-product. Using solar panels is deemed the best way to address climate change and reduce emissions.

Long-Term Savings On Energy Costs

For many Thai people, the best benefit they get from using solar panels is the fact that they have lower energy costs. Instead of spending a fortune in cooling their homes, they only invest on the solar panels and they don’t have to worry about saving for electricity or gas to power up appliances, lights and other electricity-powered devices.

Option To Make Money From Excess Energy Generated

Other than saving money on energy consumption, you also have the option to make some money. If your solar panels generate energy that exceeds your consumption requirements, you can sell it back to the grid.

Renewable Energy Source

As a completely renewable source of energy, you are assured of the opportunity to generate energy whenever the sun shows up. Technology has been developed to allow storage of energy during night time or stormy days when the sun is not available to produce energy. Your solar panels become your reliable source of energy for everyday use.

Dependence on Fossil Fuel Lessened

Many countries rely on the oil producers in the Middle East. Any political instability or turmoil that Middle East countries face always has an impact on the world price of crude oil. By turning to solar energy, Thailand’s dependence on fossil fuel / crude oil from Middle East oil producing countries is tremendously lessened. This in essence helps the country in avoiding politics and price volatility which often characterizes fossil fuel markets. So even if fossil fuel prices go up in the world market, consumers in Thailand that use solar energy will not have any reason to be worried because they are non-dependent on fossil fuel supply.

In Thailand, the government supports companies that generate solar energy by providing subsidy and incentives. This is why, the solar producers are able to sell solar energy at a cheaper rate than the rate for power generated from conventional, non-renewable sources.