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Sotech Asia provides traditional general contracting services through a competitive bid or negotiated lump sum agreement method. In this methodology, the Client has directly contracted with a design team and the general contractor is engaged after design has been conceptualized or completed depending on the given client’s needs for contractor input, scheduling requirements and other project variables. Typically the client has two avenues for contractor selection using this methodology.

The client can select and invite contractors for a competitive bid process and then make a selection solely based on pricing or the client can interview and pre-qualify contractors and then select the contractor through a negotiation process where a more thorough set of selection criteria such as staffing, scheduling, and other important factors are considered.

Sotech Asia’s General Contracting services include:

Solve problems in a creative and cost effective manner
Using the most time efficient and cost effective methodologies that will result in the quickest project delivery possible
Maintain the highest quality workmanship
Close-Out Documentation and coordination of warranties
Unmatched principal involvement in your project


Operating with your best interests in mind Sotech Asia will be responsible for the overall management and delivery of your project – from assisting the architectural team during the design development phase straight through to commissioning and project turnover.

As your construction manager (CM), it will be our responsibility to manage expectations by addressing key issues pertaining to construction, design, schedule and cost. We understand there exists a delicate interplay between project requirements and business objectives and will establish a work environment that nurtures constructive communication between all project consultants.

You will directly benefit from our unique approach and proven expertise. Whether we assume the role of CM as advisor, agent or constructor, Sotech Asia tailors its services to suit your project management requirements.

The CM methodology offers enhanced opportunity to fast track projects where quick delivery is critical.

Sotech Asia’s CM services include:

Pre-construction Services
Pre-qualification of Subcontractors
Project scheduling
Assistance in Permitting Process
Monitor and Coordinate Construction
Manage and Report Progress to the level of detail required by the client
Schedule, Cost & Quality Control
Safety Program Implementation and Enforcement
Payment Review & Processing
Close-Out Documentation and coordination of warranties
Unmatched principal involvement in your project


Sotech Asia provides a full range of architectural services, from initial concept to project completion. This includes Schematic Design Phase, Design Development Phase, Construction Document Phase, Bid or Negotiation Phase and Interior Design. The firm has provided these services to both public and private clients on a wide range of building types.

Schematic Design Phase services: During the first phase—schematic design—an architect consults with the owner to determine project goals and requirements. Often this determines the program for the project.

Design Development Phase services: Design development (DD) services use the initial design documents from the schematic phase and take them one step further. This phase lays out mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural details.

Construction Document Phase services: The next phase is construction documents (CDs). Once the owner and architect are satisfied with the documents produced during Design Development Phase, the architect moves forward and produce drawings with greater detail.

Bid or Negotiation Phase services: The first step of this phase is preparation of the bid documents to go out to potential contractors for pricing. The bid document set includes the instructions to bidders and the bid documents. For some projects that have unique aspects or complex requirements, the architect and owner elect to have a prebid meeting for potential contractors.

Interior Design services: Depending upon on type and complexity of the project Sotech can work with owner’s to select interior finish materials and colors and/or coordinate with our interior design consultant.


Sotech Asia provides Design-Build services for clients desiring a single point of accountability for both design and construction. Design-Build places architecture, engineering and construction services under one single contract, reducing cost exposure for the client while expediting project delivery.

Design-Build services can evolve from a program developed by the client and a consulting designer or the Design-Builder can provide the programming services required.

Sotech Asia’s Design-Build services include:

Program Development where required by the client
Identification of Budgetary Requirements at the Conceptual stage
Complete design services from Schematic Design through permitting
Regulatory and Code Review
Full pre-construction services including estimating, scheduling and constructability
Estimating and Value Engineering at Critical Stages of Project Development
Pre-qualification of Subcontractors and vendors to ensure quality and timely delivery
Project scheduling
Execution of Construction
Inspections & Quality Control
Close-Out Documentation and coordination of warranties
Unmatched principal involvement in your project


Sotech Asia’s Interior Build team reflects the modern demands of today’s discerning global clients. Our bilingual team strives to bring the best to global design innovations, luxurious finishes, and cutting-edge trends in color and patterns, and trusted building materials to our discerning clients

The firm’s Interior Build team’s success is attributed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and professionalism. Clients from all over the country continuously return to Sotech for subsequent projects, which we find to be the highest level of complement to our design management.

Sotech Asia’s Interior Build services include:

Commercial Drywall Installation, Taping, Hanging, and Finishing
Metal Stud Framing
Suspended Ceilings, Acoustical Ceilings, & Drop Ceilings
Door Hardware & Door Frames
Specialty Work
Cabinet Installation
Wall Panels & Wall Panel Installation


We at Sotech Asia offer our customers a complete service from value engineering through to design, precast concrete manufacture and installation.

Our high quality precast concrete panels are produced under factory conditions and then transported and installed at the building site.

Precast construction offers greater control over material quality, workmanship and time as precast concrete buildings has a shorter construction time compared to traditional building methods.

The precast concrete panel construction consists of load-bearing walls, floors and substitutes frame structures. No additional bracing system is necessary and construction costs decrease.

Our in-house precast software engineering team can re-design the construction method of your project from traditional cast-in-situ concrete building system to a complete precast concrete project using state of the art software with full 3D presentation of the precast concrete panels and buildings.

Even though each project is different, Sotech Asia typically works with on-site manufacturing plants. Depending on the size of your project we scale the plant to fit the project requirements, this gives us competitiveness as logistic costs are dramatically reduced compared to other manufactures that have production facilities in distant locations.

We set up all manufacturing facilities inside the construction area in about 1 to 2 months, depending on the type and quantity of structures to be manufactured.

Our On-Site Plants has quality controls, testing labs, and all the equipment necessary to guarantee scheduled deliveries and quality for the precast concrete project.


Prefabricated construction is a technologically advanced and modern method of constructing industrial & commercial infrastructure which ensures speed and quality.

Previously used for small scale and housing constructions, this construction movement is now revolutionizing the Industrial infrastructure construction industry too.

Major parts of buildings are pre-constructed in factories which help cut down construction time and lower the cost of the entire project.

We at Sotech Asia have a very extensive and varied experience of manufacturing & erecting Prefabricated & Pre-engineered buildings of all kinds and sizes.

Our team of designers, engineers and mechanical staff work round the clock and ensure that all design, structural and customer specifications are met with. Also, we make sure that the end product which is passed on to the customer is one which meets all safety standards and regulations.


Sotech Asia creates the best sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s infrastructure. With over twenty years in business, we have already been creating a big part of the infrastructure that currently connects people and places.

We have a responsibility to develop the methodology, techniques, materials and forms of collaboration to advance infrastructure construction into the future. One of our specialties is to tackle tricky and complex projects.

Sotech Asia’s areas of expertise include:

Roads and highways
Retaining walls
Water management
We offer customers a turnkey project where we take responsibility for both production methods, sustainable solutions and structured interaction methods.

Something About Us

At Sotech Asia, every client and each project is treated individually. Depending on your needs, understanding of the construction process, and level of involvement desired, we will customize our approach, services, and methods to meet your unique requirements.
We pride ourselves on our track record of successfully managing projects of every scope and size, maintaining focus on the expectations and desires of each particular client.
With Sotech Asia as a member of your team, you’re benefiting from customized, innovative solutions backed by more than 20 years of experience.

Our Vision

Whether it’s a new construction, renovation or rebuild we at Sotech Asia construction company Phuket will do our best to meet your highest expectations, needs and desires.
Complete your project on time

Complete your project within budget

Maintain consistent project quality

Land Surveyor

Land survey is first step in your property regularization. Get a clear picture of the legalized boundary location & other details present in your land.

Value Engineering

Businesses are always looking to cut costs and still deliver quality. Value engineering is an approach were we can help accomplish this. 

Building Insulation

We offer different building heat insulation systems such as double insulation walls, double insulation glass, insulated roofs, insulated ceilings and building ventilation systems to extract heat.

MEP Design

Our MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) engineering design services provide sustainable solutions for projects such as infrastructure, commercial buildings and residential buildings.

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