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Home Value Phuket

Increase Your Home Value

Real estate is always a solid investment. Whether you bought it or built it yourself, anyone would appreciate an appreciation in value for any property owned. From a certain base value, there are ways to improve it and get a […]

Countertop Materials

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Countertop Materials

We summarize down the advantages and disadvantages of laminate, wood, concrete and stainless steel kitchen countertops. Selecting a kitchen or kitchen countertop may be nerve-wracking, and we understand why—they may be one of the most high priced factors of a renovation, with the added […]

Things to do for Designing Children’s Room

Designing your children’s room can be entertaining, but it’s highly challenging. So what are the keys to creating a pain-free and successful children’s room? PLANNING. Sotech got you covered with advice on designing a child’s room. Carefully draw a floor plan. Every perfectly designed room starts with a plan! Knowing […]

bathroom tiles

5 tips in choosing the best bathroom tile

With hundreds of different tiles available on the market in nearly every color, finish, size, form, and style , it’s no wonder that many people experience beaten on the concept of choosing the correct tile for a bathroom project, whether […]

How To Make Weird Spaces Work

When you purchase an old or new house, big or small, chances are that you may encounter weird-shaped spaces and areas. This can range from spaces where walls are too long or too short; where they meet intersect at non-perpendicular […]

Making most of small spaces

Small space residing may be a task. As an dweller, it’s essential to locate useful solutions to living small, specially if you thrive off of getting adequate storage or still need to host dinner parties. With only some beneficial recommendations […]