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Increase Your Home Value

Home Value Phuket

Real estate is always a solid investment. Whether you bought it or built it yourself, anyone would appreciate an appreciation in value for any property owned. From a certain base value, there are ways to improve it and get a pretty hefty profit should you decide to sell.


Any undertaking is as good as the plan. A Phuket contractor would be best suited to advice you with this. Small incremental upgrades to your house will yield an overall better result than unplanned and impulsive remodelling. You may choose to start at a certain point of the house and end up in the room least requiring or upgrades, or vice versa, depending on what you are really after.  A Phuket construction company may not only help in the actual constructions, but also in terms of financial planning. Varying factors like for how long you plan to live in the house, what exact changes or additions you would want to make and your selling plan and general market value will determine the financial aspect of the upgrade. A realtor may extensively help with this.

Formulating a list with the upgrades and categorising them by resources required, including time and money, helps keep everything in perspective. This helps in prioritising and going for the achievable goals. A realtor may also advice on which changes will bring the most return on the investment you are about to make.

A Room at a Time

Breaking down the project to a room by room basis enhances on achievability and helps reflect on the choices made for the upgrade. When working with a good construction company in Phuket, you can easily identify what room requires what changes to achieve your dream, which can range to re-painting or even moving an entire wall. If satisfied with the changes in that room, you can give yourself and the Phuket contractors to move on to the next room. This also helps in situation where the changes are localised to specific rooms and not necessarily the entire house.

A Small Change is still A Change

The classification of a home improvement project may be misunderstood for rebuilding while in the real sense it may just come down to improving the house décor. Small changes also matter in improving home décor. Again, a contractor may come in handy with finishing or furnishing options to go for.

In the same sense, even cleaning the house and its compound, without really making other changes could dramatically improve home value. A buyer may be attracted to a quality as simple as a clean house to make a home.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Most people are sensitive about these two areas of the house and thus become make or break areas when it comes to decision time. Most kitchen upgrades will largely improve the outlook on the rest of the house, with trends being implemented by competent contractors to give the best outcome.

Bathrooms can either be very clean or very dirty, with a high potential of having problems that a potential buyer may be unable to overlook. These two areas should be prioritized when embarking on a home remodelling project.

With these simple points, you are bound to get your money’s worth, and more, on your house. Happy upgrading!

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