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What comes to your mind when you think about construction? Well, depending on how old you are or where you are from, your perception about construction or what it means to be a contractor may be very different from the next person. Older people may picture loads of manual labor, bricks, a lot of timber and workers hammering away at nails. They may picture safety glasses and gloves, work boots and the like. For a younger crowd, they may picture a smartly dressed architect holding building plans and wearing a hard yellow hat. So who among them has the right picture?

The truth is, just like every other industry, construction has been hit by the wave of technological revolution that changes how things are done. A Phuket contractor or Construction Company operating now and those operating 10 years ago will show vast differences in how they carry out their daily activities or tackle projects, all thanks to tech. It is all about adaptability, and the decision to incorporate the efficiency than tech offers, all while remaining true to the core business, which is construction.

Taking the early stage of client interaction and onboarding as an example, a showcase can now be done far much easier and at the client’s convenience with the use of technology. If their wish is to see an actual site the contractor has overseen but can’t make it there physically, giving them a virtual tour of the same may kill both birds with one stone, all while earning the construction company points with the client.

Internally, management of materials, staff, schedules and the like is made so much easier and much more efficient. Shift rosters can easily be formulated, edited and shared to the necessary people while up to date records of procurement processes and available materials can be determined at the click of a button. Need I mention the portability of all this information? Cloud services enable contractors to access all the site information they may need even from another site, or, another continent.

Technology is synonymous with cutting edge hardware, which is where most construction companies may be lagging behind. While cost may be a constraint for the implementation of tech equipment, the companies that can afford such experience benefits that revolutionize the business. Imagine having automated machines that can make precise cuts in a split second or having 3D printers that can belt out anything an engineer conjures up in his mind required for a unique design! The application of technology can be limitless.

While tech can overhaul a business, some things still hold true. The personnel, that is the workers, foremen, site managers and the like need to be competent and only have tech as an accessory and not a main component because at the very end of the day, someone must push the button. Many contractors in Phuket have embraced tech in one way or another, and it is a win for both their firms and the clients, who get to enjoy all the innovative construction ideas that tech makes possible.

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