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Women in Construction

Women in construction

A rather outdated misconception is that construction is a male industry. That it is for men. More women are however taking up jobs in construction and even starting their own Phuket construction companies. For the small percentage of women that are established in the Phuket contractor business, most of them are in more administrative roles within the company, with the actual number of female workers who are actually working on-site being significantly less than their male counterparts in the same capacity.

With women in more advanced roles in Phuket Construction Company, they are in a position to impact all female construction company workers positively. When procuring in bulk, safety equipment may be purchased for primarily men and is therefore a poor fit. The injury risk for women is therefore way higher than that of men. There is also the issue of differences in pay which cuts across all industries. Women are generally paid less of their male counterparts for the same amount of work. Strong female role models are also a requirement in the construction industry to serve as a good example for all women wishing to join the business and also answer question that any female construction trainee may have from experiences.

For a woman joining a Phuket construction company, there are plenty of leadership opportunities to be taken advantage of.  Contribution of unique perspectives and a swift implementation of the same leads to help female construction workers do better administrative works. While the payment a woman could get from the industry as it not at par with men’s, it is still a better alternative another industries like teaching and other female-saturated jobs. This also brings with it the promise that the unequal pay will be done away with and woman will get even more than the men.

In Phuket Construction companies, women should not be afraid to stand out. They should work their best and stand out because of their actions and not because of their gender. It is also to be understood that when surrounded by very many men, a woman in construction is likely to hear something that will irritate her. Questions and comments by men may be aimed at a woman but refusing to take things personally is key. Efforts should however be focussed on the recruitment end where women in administrative loans advice their other women to take a giant leap and get into construction without thoughts of failure or not making it. New things will always be built.

As a Phuket construction company, having women amongst the ranks is a genius move. Clients will instantly have that much more trust and appreciate that the company is forward thinking and willing to adopt to changes in society. Another advantage is that with women comes the chance to view things from a whole different perspective and change the standards as they currently are. Setting the tone to set the pace. All this will most surely inspire a generation that will not only grow up without the stigma that their female predecessors had in the industry, but a whole new direction for the industry as well.

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