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Duties of a Foreman

Foreman Construction Phuket

A foreman or foreperson, by definition, is more or less a manager or a supervisor. They often operate in trades and industries considered as manual in nature. These include the like of construction companies in Phuket and manufacturing. Any contractor in Phuket that has a foreman aims at having a contact person that mediates between a plant’s or project’s management and the actual workers.

On-Site Supervision

As a supervisor, it is typically the responsibility of a foreman to oversee every facet of a construction project. In such a position, one has to be able to not only oversee but work hand in hand with the crew, and speak on their behalf to the project management should the need arise. A mediator of some sort. A good foreman will have the crew’s respect. This, in turn, ensures that the Phuket construction company’s work starts on time and is done within the allocated number of hours. It also means that the project will stick to industry standards and that anyone on site will stick to the safety standards.

Apart from the crew, the foreman will also work hand in hand with third parties, be it external contractors in Phuket or the lead architect for the project, ensuring accountability on their part and that their duties are executed. He/ she must, therefore, be well versed in all relevant regulations, and in this way, the project will always maintain the required standard in terms of safety, quality and operational efficiency. Things that a foreman should be aware of include insurance stipulations and industry best practices.

Off-Site Duties

The foreman, when not on-site, is tasked with preparing work schedules, determining the order and manner in which certain tasks are carried out. This will normally require an analytical mind to help determine what areas of the project may benefit from, say, more workers, more hours, more materials in order to ensure that all set deadlines are met.

As a manager, a foreman may take on some HR-like duties on behalf of the construction company in Phuket, should the need arise. This may be in the form of training new recruits, giving directions, overseeing workers and ensuring that discipline is maintained at all times, with offenders being dealt with accordingly. Strife between crew members calls upon the foreman to act as the mediator between them, or between them and the project management. The foreman should also be aware of unionized workers contractual agreements to prevent occurrences where such unions take action against project owners should misunderstandings arise.

Administrative Work

Administratively, the foreman may be tasked with quite a bit of paperwork as a result of overseeing a significant number of employees. The HR duties come into play here as well. Work schedules go together with maintaining records of employee attendance in a way that ensures that no one skips work unnoticed and that at any one time, no part of the project is understaffed. However, he is also tasked with running the project optimally, ensuring that everything remains within budget. This normally involves crew evaluations as well as being actively involved in any hiring that takes place. It also spills over into monitoring the procurement inventory.

To be a foreman, one must have knowledge that is most likely above his position, and skills that any top manager would love to have. All in all, the success of a project can most likely be tied to a foreman, and the best contractors in Phuket and construction companies in Phuket will have the best foremen.

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