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Big Enough: Why a Smaller House May be the Better Option

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Less is more, right? Well, it depends. The phrase has never been taken all too well in the real estate and constructions fields. Phuket contractors will rarely be asked to build something small. It is an industry for the big and grand and the same applies worldwide. While it may be frowned upon, smaller housing may just be what’s best for you if you’re planning to either purchase or build a new home. For every reason one would go for a bigger home, be it sheer size, to make a statement or better income, there is a perfectly reasonable counter-argument that puts smaller housing as a viable option; coziness and financial reasons being just but a few. Still not convinced?

Low Maintenance

Who wants to struggle to maintain a huge house? While big homes come with lots of space and freedom to move around, they are a hassle when it comes to maintenance. It is even possible to be forced into repairs for a section of the house you rarely use. While Phuket contractors are more than capable of excellent repairs, a smaller house minimizes the overall maintenance in terms of time and energy in doing any fixes or renovations. Cleaning is definitely easier in a smaller house, and don’t forget, even unused spaces collect dust!

Low Costs

Whether it is mortgages, repairs, water or electricity bills, smaller housing will give you less of a financial headache than a bigger one. Should you choose to build instead of buy, the budget presented for smaller housing by a Phuket contractor may be friendlier. Taxes, costs of heating or cooling also come into play. This, of course, is budget-dependent. Financial constraints do not apply to everyone.


The bigger the house, the more you will want to fill it. While a small to average-sized house cannot fit a lot of items, huge houses often look rather empty without things. The thing is, items bought to fill out those empty spaces are often not a necessity, and you may end up hoarding things because you have space.

Easier to Sell

Smaller Phuket constructions and houses are easier to sell. This is due to the simple reason that smaller housing is more affordable. If you are having a Phuket contractor build you a house to sell, you should consider smaller housing which will generally have a wider market.

Every time is Family Time

Even in Phuket, Thai culture is at risk of being lost because of reducing levels of human interaction. In a smaller house, there is generally more interaction among family members. One may argue that people go for bigger housing to increase space for everyone, but the coziness in smaller housing is very beneficial in keeping the family together. Even for couples whose children have moved out, smaller housing is preferred as the house feels less empty and as warm as it would be if they were there.

Fewer Materials

Bigger house equals more materials. Materials for building, material for decorating and so on. It may not occur to you but smaller housing requires less material. If a Phuket construction requires more wood, the environment suffers. More trees will be required to finish the construction. Smaller area for decoration is cost effective and less time-consuming unless someone enjoys that exercise. Then again, a contractor will be more than happy to do it for you.

Even with all these reasons, there are certain consideration to be made when having a Phuket contractor build you a smaller house. Certain deliberations will help the contractor give the best advice. These are:


Family size matters. While coziness and a tightly-knit family is desirable, a cramped house is not ideal. A good Phuket contractor will advise on the best way to maintain a modest size that can comfortably fit the entire family. This will again depend on the compromises on is ready to make. Some families cannot even fathom sharing a bathroom!

Heating and Cooling

Considerations have to be made on the heating and cooling systems. Smaller housing presents the problem for aeration, vent placement, window placement and the number of windows. High or low ceilings will also be another consideration when thinking about heat dissipation in smaller housing.

The Interior

Size constraints mean that the interior for smaller housing is extremely important. Even if the house will not be put up for sale, the interior will determine just how small or not small the house will feel. Functionality within the house is absolutely important. No space can be wasted. A good Phuket contractor will consider your wants and help to determine the best type of kitchen and closet, for example. If you intend to sell, a fantastic interior will help potential buyers overlook size, making them more likely to buy.

Roofing, Doors, and Windows

A good Phuket construction company for a smaller house may, for example, use a vaulted ceiling as a consideration for future expansion. Interior expansions will either be expensive or affordable depending on the roof design. Roofing, or ceilings, may give the feeling of larger rooms in smaller housing. Many windows and doors will light up the home, making even the smallest of spaces feel much bigger.

DIY or Ready Made

One last consideration would be whether you intend to buy a home or build it yourself. While buying is inherently easier, doing it yourself gives you more control over many aspects of your future small home. These are design choices that help smaller houses feel big:

Open Layouts: Open floor plans free up the space taken up by walls and doors and leave even small spaces feeling larger.

Vaulted Ceilings: Either of these two will work. Barrel-vaulted or dome-vaulted ceilings. While the former adds flair, the latter has a more posh effect. Both make a room spacious and airy.

Minimalistic Approach: Fewer things means more space. Simple.

Porches: Porches are an extension of the interior, adding more house space outdoors.

However you see it, smaller housing is a viable option. The determining factors boil down to finances and personal preference. Phuket constructions have come up with variety where everyone is catered for, and a good Phuket contractor will ensure that by the end of the project, the client’s wishes are catered for no matter what their preference may be!

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