March 2018 - Sotech Asia Blog

Tips on Selling your Property on Social Media

there is no shortage of famous social media systems on the internet right now, and the likes of facebook and Twitter are best the top of the iceberg. There are others that are often ignored, particularly once you consider their […]

Designing a great office

Of course, a little decor is awesome while on holidays, but it’s the rigors of your everyday work routine can gain the mostfrom a little touch of polishing up for performance and inspiration. There are plenty of creative and cunning thoughts being applied in small corporations anywhere even in Thailand, so ideas abound. This article provide copious tips of ways you may set up your business environment for a little achievement. 1. allow natural light you would be amazed how a lot of the creativity and idea of your work environment is a direct impact of the lighting to yourroom. have you ever heard the place of work known as a “dungeon”, it is all because of bad lighting […]