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How To Make Weird Spaces Work

When you purchase an old or new house, big or small, chances are that you may encounter weird-shaped spaces and areas. This can range from spaces where walls are too long or too short; where they meet intersect at non-perpendicular angles; or even form tiny, unusable spaces, corners and crannies.

This is really accurate in mega cities like bangkok or even phuket where certain local regulations concerning access to natural land resources makes you need to carefully plan your house area. While it can be confusing to think about how to make a space like this work don’t worry, Sotech gives you tips and tricks that optimizes your floor plans for these types of situations. Read on to learn more. 

1) Divide and conquer 

Utilizing furnitures to create spaces in order to help separate uneven walls or areas. Determining these zones can easily be done by organizing furnitures on a certain focal point, like a television which in turn separates angle or different shaped walls from the rest of the space. 

One proven technique is to make an area where you can entertain is with a sofa, table, set of chairs, and then putting a favorite picture, bench, or desk along the isolated, angled wall. By distributing the space and treating the areas as separate, you no longer need to worry about how to address the entire room at once. 

2) Custom-made to perfection 

Invest in custom furniture that perfectly fits your space. This space-saving solution might be more costly, but it ensures a personalized, flawless fit. Thailand has lots of great craftsmen that creates furnitures to fit your need. Look around and help out the local economy! 🙂

Custom pieces, like cabinets or chairs, can turn unworkable or impractical areas into usable and valuable square footage while also camouflaging uneven walls. You’ll frequently see this in areas such as under the stairs, where sloped walls make for low headspace but potential storage areas. 

3) Think positive 

Constantly look for openings instead of impossibilities. An unusual corner area could be the perfect spot for a set of shelves, plant, or a piece of sculpture and art. Immediately you will realize that a problematic weird area becomes a focal point where certain fixtures highlights what’s located there. These irregularities can easily become some of the most unique and character-defining elements of a space in your home.

4) Trick the eyes! 

If everything doesn’t work, fake it until you make it. When designing the irregularities to be beautiful but won’t work, you can always simulate balance and symmetry through subtle tricks, like placing nice curtains symmetrically along a wall with windows that are oddly spaced or uncentered. Even just repeating the same thing throughout an area creates a sense of unity, taking attention away from the irregularities of the room. 

In the end, whether you choose furniture, custom made things, curtains, or other design strategies to make use of those irregular walls or oddly-shaped spaces, we hope that you can better use your home or office and love it for all of its oddity.

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