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How to cool off container homes

If you are fortunate enough to live in a tropical climate then at some point of the summer time you could find your shipping container home receiving too much heat… similar to any other houses. What do you need to do regarding this?  You can always simply set up an air-conditioning, however we are looking to preserve our expenses down and be as low as possible. So we’ve prepared a list of basic guidelines and tips that can be used to cool your container home down. A number of them are more drastic than others but there are recommendations in here, which every body can use to experience a cooler residence at some point of the summer.

Install window shades

It’s surprising that a number of people don’t certainly use shades on their windows… specially those who live in warm climates. Shades can be used to both keep warm air out at some point of the summer time and keep warm air in at some point of the winter. Ensure that you place white shades because they’re better at reflecting the heat. If shades aren’t actually your style then use window blinds. Blinds aren’t as powerful as shades but most of the people choose them aesthetically.

If you want to really keep your house cool then additionally fit curtains over any home windows that get direct exposure to sunlight during the day.

Use Night time Air

Open your curtains and windows at night simply as you’re going to sleep to allow the cool nights air to skip through. It is better if you also place a mesh to prevent insects from coming in your house. However make sure you shut your windows earlier than early morning otherwise you may be waking up in sweating.

Have a Garden

Many people don’t pay attention to the impact that their garden has on the warmth of their homes. Your garden can be used to plant trees which act as a shade for your private home. Not only it is effective that but in addition they look excellent. A quick side note, if you need to benefit from passive solar heating during those cold winter months then don’t plant trees south of your garden.

Choose the best lights

This one may sound silly but believe me, it will make a difference. Incandescent lighting can waste up to 90% of their power in heat. So when you see them up there in your ceiling they really need to be providing you only with light but most of the people of what they’re doing is warming your house up! switch out the incandescent lighting fixtures for an energy saving light; once in a while known as a compact fluorescent light. not only will it assist to maintain your own home a touch cooler it’s going to also save you a few money for your electricity bill!

Exhaust fans

Given the long square shape of many container box houses, exhaust fans can be the proper equipment to cool your property down. The trick is your need to use one to blow the cold air in and another to blow the hot air out; like a pull/push device.

where you place your fans all depends on the positioning of your container home however a very good rule of thumb is place a container fan at any north facing windows/openings; this manner you should get the gain of any cool northern breezes! Then place exhaust fans on the opposite side of your home to suck the hot air out of your home, you should be cool in no time.

Select Your Roof wisely

the selection of your roof plays a crucial component in how warm your shipping container house could be during those summer months. the use of a reflective steel roof may be not only affordable but it is able to provide you with widespread amounts of heat reduction. traditional roofs which includes a darkish asphalt roof will actually absorb the suns warmth and transmit this through into your house; which we don’t want! whereas dealing with metallic roofs can really mirror the heat back right out into the atmosphere warding off it ever entering your property inside the first place.


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