August 2017 - SOTECH ASIA BLOG

Benefits of putting color on your kitchen

The information surrounding the psychological effects of color on mood and productiveness are fairly widely known. but, what impact does color have on our perception of food and our appetites? keep reading to find out how different colors have an […]

Types of Beautiful Stairs for your Home

A staircase may additionally carry out an the easy task of connecting two different floors in a structure, but in truth, it can be one of the most structurally complicated parts of a building. Designs can variety in terms of the kind of riser, style of tread and nosing, technique of structural support, and material choice. check some of our favorite staircases which can be beautifully executed. Straight Stairs Straight Stairs are truly one of the most common styles of stairs found in each residential and commercial homes. straight stairs have a tendency to be the easiest to go up and down […]