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What Exactly Does a Sotech Architect Do?

Sotech isn’t just a construction firm but we do have in house Architects that would cater to those who want to have a one stop advisor for construction and design. Different architects have different answers as to what the details are for daily job duties. What an architect does on a daily basis depends on the kind of firm they work for and several other factors. Here are a few job descriptions for architects:

Design architect  – Sotech have entire teams that are focused only on the initial design of a project. Design architects are involved in the artistic side of the process: sketching freehand, making initial computer generated images of the projects, and putting together presentations for clients. These architects have strong artistic abilities and a lot of their day is spent on right-brained (creative visualization) activities. Sotech design teams usually consist of a few senior members who are skilled in traditional drawing (pen and pencil) and younger members who are skilled with the latest digital tools.

Production architect –We also have architects and interns that work exclusively on the production of building plans or “blueprints” (architects call these “construction drawings”). These plans are what the contractor will use to build the building such as drawing screws in a piece of wood for instance and other specific technical details. Our team spend their day correcting or modifying building plans with CAD or BIM software.

Contract Administration – Other of our architects work exclusively on projects that are in the process of being built, wherein some answer questions the builder may have about the construction drawings (‘the drawings’). Communicate with our construction firm builder, researching the drawings, visiting the project site and coordinating corrections to the drawings.

Specification Writer – Sotech architects spend their days compiling books of ‘project specifications’. These are not drawings, but physical descriptions of the quality standards and materials that should be used to build a project. Such as the specifications tell the construction firm what paint to use when painting steel outdoors, and the quality of steel used to frame a wall. Our architects spend days researching building materials and editing large documents.

It’s impossible to cover all the possible architect job descriptions on our firm since most of our team are all around professionals. If you are considering looking for professional architects and a construction firm for your dream project in phuket, talk to us and see if you what you can learn from our advise on your project that will pay dividends later.

Sotech architects design houses. We design schools. Each project is a very different experience but all of our team of architects and engineers are experienced, trusted, reliable and professionals in their respective tasks. Contact SOTECH now.

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