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Things to do during accidents on project site

In this world, there are lots of accidents happening every minute and second that we really can’t avoid it may it be on the street, home or even a construction site. One thing needs to be done is to be well prepared and educated regarding what to do during crucial times to solve matters in an effective way.

  • Being Prepared for ANY Accidents. It’s far critical to prepare before the accident through having a checklist or best practices protocol to observe if an accident have arise. This need to include figuring out the chain of command for notice purposes, identifying internal investigation group members, identifying who will be a organization spokesperson, and figuring out your hazard management team (insurance and legal).
  • Act diligently when an accident occurs.  Don’t waste all that training time before the accident and then not comply with your protocol. ensure medical issues are resolved immediately and lock down the site for evidence protection. Make a list of all witnesses. picture and video the conditions.
  • Organizing post-accident activities.  There can be contractual responsibilities, regulatory requirements and public relation issues that will come after the accident happens. make sure that you evaluate your agreement to comply with any notice requirements that may need to be given. If the government or regulating bodies becomes involved in the place of work accident, then prepare for the investigation with your safety group and risk control team.
  • Compile accident reports.  While at the job site, an investigator may ask to see some records consisting of logs, protection manuals, first aid / medical facts, education information, protection meeting minutes, inspection records, and accident reports. in an effort to preserve track of what has been asked and furnished to the investigator, make a list of all requested documents and keep a transmittal log of how various documents were transmitted.
  • Understanding Company privileges. Accident reports must be reviewed with the aid of your attorney prior to production to any investigator. accident reports need to be restricted to the facts and should not incorporate any speculative theories or guesses as to why an accident happened. if your legal professional has directed the instruction of the accident report, that document is privileged and should not be produced to the inspector.

Most construction companies, at some point in their life, will experience a job site accident but not SOTECH. It is important for your company to check construction firms if they are up to speed regarding safety of certain projects.

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