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Ways To Decorate with Wallpaper

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From classic florals and chinoiserie to modern abstracts and image styles, wallpaper is on the midst of a resurgence. And why shouldn’t it be? in the end, few improvements make quite as massive an effect in a room. but regardless of its name, wallpaper works wonders on more than simply walls. applied on a ceiling in a proper dining room, backing a bookcase in a living room, or framed as paneled artwork in an understated bedroom, the distinctly flexible adorning floor adds shade and pattern in measured doses—and presents an surprising burst of visual drama anywhere it seems. It even seems to defy layout conventions, as anybody who has ever employed it in a small powder room has discovered. here’s ways to use wallpaper as decoration.

Ceiling Design

ceiling wallpaper

Invite visitors to view up at a frequently ignored design characteristic with a pattern overhead. while integrated in an entry, as proven here, it may assist give the room a greater unified or described appearance and create a feeling of intimacy or expansiveness relying at the motif you pick.

As a Paneled Wall Decor

Paneled Wallpaper

Don’t let architectural details which includes molding and wall paneling stop you from using your favorite wallpaper. Check out this room above, a woodsy print take to get that earthy beach vibe.

As a Wall of Art

Can’t decide to masking a whole surface? Framed panels of an image wallpaper impart the identical appearance on a smaller scale, adding visual interest without overwhelming the space, as shown in this guest room.

On Small Spaces

Installing wallpaper in a certain small area can provide it a maximized impact;  it could additionally make the room appear larger than it’s far such as the room above.

Enhance Room Characteristic

Relegating wallpaper to a ornamental swath among a room’s chair and photo railing lends a conventional space an element of surprise—and an cutting-edge spin.

Defining Areas

When a space cannot be described through walls, use a slice of wallpaper to raise its significance. 




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