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Types of Construction Projects

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Construction involves a huge investment of money and manpower. The workers risk their lives using heavy equipment, hazardous materials and tools and working at great heights. A slight negligence may prove to be too dangerous and costly. As such, everything should be properly monitored to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. Construction projects also include site preparation as well as electrical, mechanical and other specialty work. There are various kinds of construction projects. Some of the most popular kinds of construction projects include the following:

  • Commercial and Institutional

Commercial and institutional construction involves building clinics, sports facilities, large shopping centers, hospitals, universities, warehouses, retail chain stores, skyscrapers, schools and other projects of various sizes and types. Speciality engineers and architects are usually hired to design buildings. This segment has few competitors due to the complexity and high cost of commercial and institutional buildings.

  • Building

Building construction is all about adding structure to the actual property and is likely the most popular kind of construction project. Small renovations and room additions are some of the most common projects done in this market segment. New construction projects often include building sheltered additions with walk-in access for housing supplies, equipment, people or machinery and installation of utilities.

  • Residential

Residential construction projects include building single unit homes, subdivisions, cottages, apartments, townhouses and condominiums. Engineers and architects usually design the building. The construction is given to builders who employ subcontractors for mechanical, structural and electrical work. Residential projects should comply with codes of practice and local building authority regulations. A lot of new builders prefer residential construction projects due to its ease of entry in the industry of real estate. As such, it is a highly competitive market with potentially high rewards and risks.

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  • Highway Construction

Highway construction projects include repair, construction and alteration of roads, alleys, parking areas, highways, runways and streets. This segment includes all related construction together with the highway construction project.

  • Heavy Construction

Heavy construction involves projects that are not accurately categorized as highway or building. Dams, sewage treatment plants, dredging projects, flood control projects, water treatment plants and sewer line projects are some examples of heavy construction.

  • Industrial

Industrial construction may only be a small segment of the construction industry, but it’s very important. Such projects are usually owned by large, for-profit industrial companies like medicine, power generation and manufacturing.

  • Specialized Industrial Construction

Specialized industrial construction projects involve large scale projects with a high level of technological complexity like chemical processing plants, oil refineries, nuclear power plants and steel mills.

The large number of construction companies to pick from and the use of the internet have made it easier for people to decide how to complete their construction projects. Don’t hesitate to contact Sotech and ask questions to make everything clear to you. Remember that construction projects are a huge venture, so you need to make the right decisions when there’s a project you need to complete. This way, you can be assured that your project will be completed safely and properly.

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