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Knowing Flood Risks on Your Property before Building

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Being located in the tropics, Phuket has two seasons, sunny and rainy. There are times wherein rainfall devastated parts of southern Thailand last year which exposed the nation’s vulnerability to flooding that destroyed homes and businesses as reported.

Construction companies and prospective businesses that plan to build in flood-prone areas must take careful steps to assess the flood risk and then take action to avoid or mitigate the threat.

Here are 3 Short Tips on how to avoid and protect your properties from flood:


Before building a project, contractors need to contact the right government office understand the local construction and building codes or floodplain management requirements for construction sites this is to ensure project sites are reasonably safe from flooding.

Checking consequences and likelihood of flooding

Flood risk is defined as the potential losses associated with a flood in terms of costs and consequences, expected probability and frequency of event, and exposure to floods.

Generally, a construction firm has to determine the construction cost per square foot as applied to potential floodable area. Construction time needs to be estimated to move back in and resume business if there are potential flooding areas.



Risk can be reduced or managed physically through flood mitigation and financially through insurance. Risk reduction is a combination of physical measures such as building codes, design and construction, best-in-class solutions, safety factors and insurance measures. A properly designed and constructed building avoids financial exposure to residual risk.

To avoid or manage flood risk, construction firms like SOTECH provides clients have few options to safeguard their properties and takes proactive measures to minimize flood risk before beginning any project, and particularly in flood-prone areas. Contact us now.


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