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Risky Hazards on Construction Sites and Ways to Avoid Them

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Construction sites are considered one of the most accident prone and potentially hazardous working environments. The excessive exposures in these construction site hazards also expose workers to injures and even death. In order to prevent these, companies should be able to identify and be more vigilant about the potential dangers which might be encountered during normal operations.

The following are the most common hazards in construction sites:

  • Electricity

This is actually one of the major risks to individuals not only at workplaces but also at home. Electricians, electrical engineers and power line workers work on electricity and are more prone to hazards since they are exposed to these on daily basis.

Ways to Avoid This:

To prevent this kind of hazard, it would be best for power line workers to keep some distance away from the power lines. Precautionary measures must be observed including insulate and guarding vehicles from which these individuals might work. This would help prevent hazards from injuring workers in the construction site.

  • Heavy and Large Construction Equipment

It has been found out that hundreds if construction workers die every year because of heavy and large equipment. The major causes of accidents include mechanics run over because brakes are not set properly, ground workers stuck due to vehicle changing direction and backing up, equipment roll overs and more.

Ways to Avoid This:

To prevent this serious risk in the construction site, workers must follow guidelines for construction safety. This is an effective means to get rid of exposure to such accidents and risks.

  • Trenching and Excavation

Trenching and excavation is considered the most hazardous in construction site operations. For many years, there have been countless serious fatalities in cave ins and trenching.

Ways to Avoid This:

It is true that these hazards are preventable however, the injuries that come with it is still happening even until now. To rectify this problem, both employers and their employees should follow appropriate safety standards and utilize protective equipment in order to minimize serious hazards when excavating and trenching.

  • Falls

Falling from scaffoldings or fixed ladders over six feet is also one of the most common yet dangerous site hazards. Falling from higher places like scaffolding, roofs and ladder account for over 50% of accidents that take place in construction sites. Usual causes of accident also include tripping, slipping and more.

Ways to Avoid This:

There are many good ways to eliminate these risks. Employers should have a reliable fall protection program as part of the overall health program and workplace safety. Workers should also be trained to identify and then properly evaluate fall hazards and become completely aware on how to control exposure to risks and how to properly use fall protection equipment.

Hazards and risks in construction sites are unavoidable but these can be prevented most especially if the workers are well-instructed in terms of identifying hazards in the workplace or construction site. These preventable measures give employers peace of mind knowing that their employees are safe and will also ensure that employees or workers have safe working environment during their usual operations.

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