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What to do when you found some human bones in your land

Finding BOnes

In some cases, there are human bones found in a construction site while excavation is going on. What if this happens to your place? Do you know the right thing to do? Do you know the safest decision to make?

Whether you’re the head engineer or the land owner, it is essential that you know what to do if you found human remains within the jurisdiction of your land. Thoughtlessly disregarding it can lead to a trouble.

Why are there bones found in different places?

There are cemeteries before that are not used as burial ground in today’s age. These are forgotten graves. During the prehistoric period, there are also many unmarked graves without tombstones, fences or gravestones. Some of these graves are not identified unless the place is excavated and human remains are found. Some bones are carried from one place to another by natural erosion or flooding. Another reason is terrifying, the bones can be the remains of a person killed in secret and is thrown away.

Here are proper precautions to follow if you found human bones:

  1. Do not touch the bones.

If you’re unsure if it’s a human or an animal bone, it is safe to assume that these bones are human remains. Do not move the bones. It is a general recommendation that human remains should be not be moved without the permission of the authority like the police or the archaeologist even if there is an ongoing excavation. You might have found bones that would help the police with their case and archaeologist with their study.

  1. Stop the work if there is an ongoing construction.

Whether the contract of the construction address the situation or not, the work on site should stop. This is to properly analyze the situation at hand even if slows down the progress of the work. Mark the place with landmark or GPS if possible to easily find it when people in authority have arrived.

  1. Call the authority

This includes the land owner, head engineer, head architect, and local police. Depending on the code of the state you’re in, you may or you may not call a licensed archeologist. In most cases, policemen handle this decision.

  1. Follow what is told.

Right after the police and the archeologist have evaluated the human remains, they have surely determined what to do with the bones. If the authority have decided to furthermore investigate the circumstance to know if any prior crime was committed, you have to abide.

  1. Create a claim for protection purposes.

It is necessary to take an action to you protect yourself and the others from any further troubles that may occur. Write a note regarding the human remains found in your land. Specify in the note that the authority (with their names) have taken care of the situation.

Now that you know what to do when you found human bones in your land, we hope you will be confident to deal when this kind of situation happens.

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