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Build or Buy a House?

Dream Project

Living in your own house and lot is one of the greatest investment in life. It can get too exciting and overwhelming for first time homeowners. As you start to think about living in your dream house, you might be asking yourself this question “Should I build or buy house?”

Choosing between buying and building a house is more than deciding on the perfect wall color of your house. There are many factors your need to consider before making the decision.



In most cases, you can save more money if you build a house than buy one. With existing homes, there is a big probability that you need to renovate the house. You might have to change the wirings to a specific place you like, replace the rusty parts in the house and buy new ones, remove the unnecessary stuffs, change the floor plan of the house and more. Since most existing homes have been there for a decade or less, there is a need of maintenance to get them up to your standards or just to make them livable.


Buying an existing house has more advantage than building a new one. With the population growing, it is hard to find a land with perfect neighborhood- near the workplace, school, family, and friends without a house already built in.


People in a new built house has lesser chance of having health complications from toxic materials compared to people living in an existing house. Aside from the fact that the appliances can be all brand new and with original warranty if you choose to build, house materials and building code is surely new and up to the latest safety standards.


It will take two months or more before you can finally move in if you choose to build a house. While the construction is ongoing, you need to live somewhere else for the meantime. You also need to make sure all the necessary documents are on your hand.

If you are going to buy an existing house, you can move to the house right away. There’s no need for you worry about waiting for months before being able to move in.

Level of satisfaction

The best thing about building a house is that you get to live in the exact dream house you’ve imagined. From the style of your floor, numbers of rooms you want to have, locations of every room and the structure of your house, everything is under your control. There’s a different feeling of pride and satisfaction when you see the dream you’ve planned come into reality. A new house feels more home than an existing house. There’s a sentimental value.


To help you decide what is the best decision, whether to build a house or buy one, you need to consider these factors. Label which one is more important. Know what is it that you want to achieve and what you are willing to give up. Your house is your greatest fulfillment. Take some time to consider everything.

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