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What Should Homeowners Do If a Construction Project Goes Wrong

Regardless of the scope of a construction project, it is important for a homeowner to carefully choose a building contractor. This means that the right questions must be asked and answered by the contracting company to ensure that they and the owners of the house are on the same page. This is also to make sure that the remodeling or renovation is done right the first time.

However, if you have already hired a construction company and they didn’t fulfill their promise, then here’s what you can do to make them accountable for their mistakes.

1.) Find out first if the construction contractor is to be blamed for the mistake. Sometimes, problems in the renovation project are beyond the contractor’s control. For example, you might have unconsciously made it clear to the builder that you will make all the decisions regarding the construction of your home. If this is the case, then you can’t blame the contractor. However, a good contracting company will not let this happen in the first place.

It could also be that the weather was bad and some of the laborers didn’t show up at work. It would be counterproductive to put all the blame on your renovator.

2.) Keep an open line of communication with your contracting company. This is to ensure that misunderstandings are avoided and that everything is made clear right from the start. Additionally, it is important that to talk to the person placed in charge by the building contractor you hired every day to address issues and answer questions immediately.

To ensure that these mistakes are prevented right from the start, it is important for homeowners to watch out for red flags. Here are some of them:

  • The general building contractor you hired is hard to reach by phone and wouldn’t return your calls. He may also be unavailable whenever you visit the site.
  • The builder promises to fix problems only upon completion of the project. And they always tend to have an excuse whenever you try to get them to address the issue immediately.
  • The construction company tells you they substituted some of the materials to help you save money and promises you they have the same “quality”.
  • The construction contractor doesn’t follow the payment terms stipulated in the contract. What’s worse, he demands money at odd times.

By looking out for these signs and more, you will have more chances of succeeding with your home construction project and getting the most of your budget.

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