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What Makes a Building or Home Earthquake Proof?

With natural calamities in greater intensities threatening the very existence of human beings, it is important that people make sure their homes are strong and sturdy. Although there are places that may be prone to flooding or earthquakes, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing homeowners can do about it. Proper precautionary measures are still the key to keeping homes safe.

Earthquake is one of the major calamities that destroy properties and lives. However, developments in the construction industry to create materials that help homes and establishments earthquake resistant. Here are general contracting companies do to make properties safer in the event of a strong earthquake.

  • Walls are made stronger. This is by using steel since it is much stronger than brick and concrete. Aside from that, design build construction firms make sure that high-rise condominiums and other establishments are subject to stringent seismic standards not only to ensure structures are stronger, but also to be able to control which part of the building gives.
  • Concrete is reinforced with other local materials. In less developed countries where access to high-quality building materials may be impossible, concrete is reinforced by local materials, like bamboo in India. In Indonesia, ground-motion dampers mad of old tires willed with sand are used to make the abode stronger.
  • Increase the stiffness and strength of the structure. This can be done by adding adhesives and other strong connectors. To make a home stiffer and stronger, there needs to be seismic isolators that separate the homes from their foundation.
  • Let the building sway in the opposite direction. To dampen the swaying of a tall building during an earthquake, contracting companies build large masses that will allow the structure to sway in the opposite way. An example of this is the giant pendulum between the 88th and 92nd floors in a building in Taipei.

There are many other techniques to keep homes and businesses safe, which are used by construction project management companies in Phuket and other countries.

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