August 2015 - SOTECH ASIA BLOG

What Should Homeowners Do If a Construction Project Goes Wrong

Regardless of the scope of a construction project, it is important for a homeowner to carefully choose a building contractor. This means that the right questions must be asked and answered by the contracting company to ensure that they and […]

Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring Contractors

As the homeowner, you are responsible for making decisions regarding the upkeep and safety of your home. Although you can ask your household members for their input, the final decision still rests in your hands. This is why it is […]

What It Means to Work with a General Contractor

Contractors are the professionals you hire when building or renovating your home. There are several kinds of contractors needed for specific tasks, including painting, roofing, plumbing, rendering, etc. However, as the scope of the construction project gets bigger, so will […]

What to Consider When Deciding on Roofing Materials for Your Home?

Whether building a new house or are only replacing old roofing, homeowners need to take the time to consider which material is best for the home. Although construction companies can recommend a good material to use, it helps if the […]

What Makes a Building or Home Earthquake Proof?

With natural calamities in greater intensities threatening the very existence of human beings, it is important that people make sure their homes are strong and sturdy. Although there are places that may be prone to flooding or earthquakes, this doesn’t […]