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Interior Design Ideas for Your Cozy Condo Unit

Condominium living has become quite popular in the last decade not only because it’s more convenient, but also because it’s relatively cheaper. Although condo units are smaller than traditional homes, designing the interiors isn’t really a problem. Here are some design ideas you can discuss with a trusted building contracting company in Phuket.

60s Vibe


Let your condo unit take you and your guests back in time with a vintage design, since it’s a big thing nowadays. In fact, you can see big establishments with elements that takes you a trip down to memory lane. To incorporate this design into your home, use vintage wood colors like maroon, earthly green, brown and dirty white as your base. Then, add disco colors of red and orange as accents. Additionally, use vintage(y) items like old vinyl records, books, furniture and typography in your living room and dining area.

Plains and Prints

Although these concepts are on opposite sides of the design map, you can effectively incorporate elements from both. You can add some animal print or polka dots on plain walls to avoid making your interiors too loud for everyone’s taste. Keep in mind that taking it easy with prints is the key to creating a sophisticated interior.

Summer and Sunshine

Bring in the summer vibe into your condo unit all year round by incorporating certain items. For example, you can ask your contracting company to paint your walls with summery colors like yellow, lime green, sky blue, pink and orange.

Posh Hotel


You can enjoy the benefits of staying in a luxurious hotel room any time you want by adding pieces that you can find in five-star hotels. These include dimmed lights, lush sheets, lots of pillows and contemporary furnishings.

Painter’s Gallery

If you’re an art lover, you can make your small condo unit look like an art gallery. Have your general contractor construction paint your walls with neutral colors so to make your art collection stand out. Use a minimalist motif as well to make the painting and other items be the focal point of each room.

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