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Single-Story or Two-Story House: Which One to Choose?

To go for a single-level or two-level house is what most homeowners would encounter when building a new house. Of course, there are several crucial factors to look into to better determine the best house plan.

Take a look at these considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Beauty and Function

A single-story home maximizes every square footage of a house. There are no staircases to disrupt to act as a barrier. Also, you don’t need your contracting company in Phuket to construct additional bathrooms since one or two on the main level would be enough.

Yard Usage

Generally, a one-level home takes up more of your land than a multi-level. This would not be ideal if you want to have a bigger yard for outdoor activities.



Sound travels between floors. So if you don’t want to be disturbed by the noise from the TV, you can either have your general building contractor design a house with a master suite that’s not directly below the family room. As you can see, opting for a single-story house to minimize noise from traveling between floors isn’t really the answer.


For an aging couple, a two-story house may not be ideal. Stairs would make it cumbersome for the elderly to get from one room to another. This can also hold true for families with small children who are at risk of falling down the stairs.

Similarly, having a one-story home with an open concept also allows parents to be able to watch over their kids in the family room while they’re preparing dinner.


Energy Efficiency

A home with two or more stories will have different heating and cooling needs, which requires separate HVAC systems. This could be more expensive to maintain. But with a one-story house, you will only need a centralized air-conditioning system to cool most parts of the house.


If you’re still unsure which home style to choose, it would be wise to consult seasoned construction firms in Phuket.

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