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5 Compelling Benefits of an Open House Floor Plan

They say a house is where the heart is. Hence, it’s but right that homeowners make sure their abodes reflect everything about them, from the design to the decoration.

Speaking of design, there are many house floor plans that homeowners can choose from and that they can ask their construction contractors to do. Some of most popular styles include:

  • Open floor plan – the main feature of this house plan is the living room and dining area is usually located in the central part.
  • Two-story floor plan – it is perfect for smaller lots because the building contractor can design a house with enough rooms to maximize the square footage of the property.
  • Multi-level floor plan – as the name suggests, this house style has several floors at different levels and is built on sloping lots.

But of all the floor plans, the open concept is the most practical and cost-efficient. That’s why it’s still quite popular nowadays. Here are some of the compelling benefits of an open floor plan:


  1. Spacious – with the absence of several interior walls, there is no visual barrier. Instead, the flow of one’s sightline is seamless. As a result, the home can look and feel bigger, more comfortable.
  2. Natural lighting – because a house with an open concept typically has high or cathedral ceilings, windows can be made bigger to let more natural light in. This makes the family room more spacious, more comfortable.
  3. Privacy – design and build contractors can provide a layout that will separate the bedrooms and the common areas to isolate the noise. Additionally, the living and dining area can divide the master suite and all the other rooms to give parents more peace and quiet.
  4. Access to outdoors – most luxury homes are constructed with an open concept plan to allow a connection between the interior and exterior living areas. This creates a feeling of one large, flowing space.
  5. Resale value – the popularity of open floor plans make any property sellable. This means that the owners will not have a problem selling their house in the future.

It is still best to consult a contractor in construction to know whether an open floor plan is the best option.

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