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Which Renovations Are Worth Your Money in 2015

According to construction forecasts from around the world, more homeowners will be investing money in renovations and upgrades this 2015. However, smaller projects are expected to be on trend, while big-ticket renovations will be put off. The reason: minor repairs go a long way toward sprucing up the function, aesthetic and value of your home as long as a trusted building contractor is hired for the job.

 Giving kitchens a new lease on life


Kitchens get the most foot traffic in homes. However, most homeowners put off renovations until they have enough cash to do an overhaul. This could mean that such kitchens may have enjoyed an update a decade or two ago. To be able to save money on a kitchen upgrade, forego replacing countertops with granite, appliances with stainless steel or floors with hardwood. Although these make cooking areas more desirable, they are not necessary. Laminate counters and floors, black or white appliances and chrome fixtures are more practical yet are equally stunning.

Exterior facelifts always do the trick


Older homes can get a facelift by sprucing up its exteriors. One inexpensive way to do this is to invest in a new front door – which is the spot that gets plenty of wear and tear. Hardwood doors are aesthetically pleasing and instantly improve curb appeal. New windows can also make the home more energy efficient, especially for homes with centralized air-conditioning.

Brighten things up with a new paintjob


A new coating can do wonders in any space. Even exterior walls can look fresh with a new paintjob. For homes with chipped or peeling wallpaper, adding a pop of color will make abodes more interesting and even intimate.

Spending thousands is not necessary to make a dwelling look and feel comfortable and welcoming again. By working with experienced Phuket local construction companies, renovations can go a long way towards adding value to any property.

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