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Construction Safety: Ensuring Worker Wellness

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Construction works involve heavy equipment, working in heights and other hazards that can jeopardize worker safety. This is the reason that all construction companies in Phuket be kept up to date with the latest occupation health and safety standards set by the government or industry leaders. Aside from imposing the use of proper work gear, there are many other important measures that need to be taken.

APPROPRIATE FACILTIES.  Building contractors are required by Thai laws to provide minimum standard facilities that improve the welfare of construction workers. They need to have access to clean, warm toilets and washrooms as well as potable drinking water. Failing to offer these facilities can lead to the company being clamped down by the health and safety officer. Apart from that, substantial fines might be handed out to those who violate the law.

FENCES AND SAFETY METHODS. Falls and trips are two of the most common accidents that have led to numerous deaths in construction sites. Hence, it is highly important to install fencing wherever necessary.

When workers are assigned to carry out industrial construction services that involve combustible chemicals and welding operations, there has to be safety devices that help prevent fire in the site. Flammable materials must be kept in safe containers and storage places to prevent accidents.

Additionally, workers of local construction companies in Phuket should be kept aware of proper escape routes in case of fire. They should also be informed where the fire-fighting equipment are kept as well as trained on how to use them properly.

SMOKE-FREE WORKPLACE. Recent studies have shown that about in five workers of construction companies in Thailand smoke or chew tobacco. This makes a construction site more hazardous than it already is. It is the duty of the employers to keep every team member safe and healthy. So, tobacco use should be prohibited within the construction site, which can help avoid long-term health risks.

WELLNESS PROGRAMS. Seminars about health and safety in construction work should be carried out to educate workers. There should also be subsided fitness programs and smoking cessation schemes to help make all laborers fit and healthy.

Construction workers risk their lives to complete every project. Hence, their welfare should be prioritized.

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