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Home Flooring Trends you might be interested in

A home’s flooring can tell so much about the owner – taste, style and all. If you want a house that exudes elegance and comfort, then you should consider updating your floors with the help of a trusted construction company in Phuket. Here are some of the trends on flooring this 2015:


pecan hardwood flooring

Brazilian engineered pecan hardwood flooring

For a unique appearance in your home, choose exotic flooring options of hardwood and bamboo. They have become more popular this year due to their distinct look. They also offer a one-of-a-kind appeal with its non-traditional color and grain. Brazilian walnut flooring is becoming more mainstream because of its extraordinary charm. Bamboo is also suitable because it’s eco-friendly and requires less maintenance.

Gray flooring in any tint, tone and shade offers a contemporary appearance. Because gray is a neutral color, it makes the flooring easy to match with any décor or furniture. In fact, you can create different moods and designs by using different shades of gray and colorful design elements.

Gray hard maple

Gray hard maple

Matte finish floors are virtually maintenance free because its low-gloss trait hides away scratches and scuffs. Aside from that, boosts scratch, scuff and stain resistance. Plus, it has an oil-waxed look minus the mess and need for maintenance. This is why it has been more in demand in various parts of the world.

Matte hardwood floor

Matte finish hardwood floor

Flooring materials that are classic and bold offer a traditional look and timeless appeal. This means that they can add drama to any kind of space. If you want to opt for this kind of material, you can choose ironwood laminate, as it has stark contrasts and dramatic graining.

Bold mosaic flooring

Bold mosaic flooring

Carpets with intricate or bold patterns are gaining more and more popularity. Aside from their appearance, patterned carpets make a significant impact on a room or staircase.

Elegant floral carpet

Elegant floral-patterned carpet

For relatively cheap and easy-to-care-for floors, opt for luxury vinyl that looks like real stone or wood planks. Vinyl nowadays complies with strict indoor quality standards. What’s more, they are scratch resistant, kid and pet-friendly and easy to maintain.

stone flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring with stone look

Update your home this 2015 and create a more appealing interior with any of these floor trends. Hire the best construction engineers to ensure great value for your money.

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