Aesthetics-Vs-Functionality-Which-Is-More-Valuable-In-Creating-Buildings-SoTechAsia -- Phuket Architect

Aesthetics Vs. Functionality, Which Is More Valuable In Creating Buildings?

One of the most common challenges faced by many architects when they design a house or building is deciding what to give importance to – function or aesthetics. In universities, architectural students are taught that the design of a building […]

Budget-101-Understanding-The-Per-Square-Meter-Cost-Of-A-Construction-Project-SotechAsia -- Phuket Architects

Budget 101: Understanding The Per Square Meter Cost Of A Construction Project

When you set out talking to general building contractor to build your home in Thailand, you may be surprised to get a Baht per square meter quote. For many builders in Thailand, it’s the easy way to estimate or quote […]

The-Engineers-You-Need-In-Building-Your-Dream-Project-SotechAsia -- Phuket Architect

The Engineers You Need In Building Your Dream Project

A lot of people think that they only need an architect to build their dream project. It could be a vacation house or a private villa in Thailand. But while architects are usually tasked with design conceptualization, there are engineers […]