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Tips In Looking For The Best Supplier In Town

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When you build your home, you don’t just leave everything to your contractor. You need to be hands-on especially when choosing the materials they will use to build your home. You need to be updated with the latest environmental standards, high quality building materials, durable construction methods, and other health and safety regulations.

You also need to know who the reliable suppliers in your neighborhood are so that you can save on transportation costs when the materials are delivered to the building site. Knowing the right suppliers to partner with will make building your home a whole lot easier.

Here are some tips you may consider when looking for the best supplier in town:

  • Look for a general building supplier – one that deals with lumber and building materials, who does a lot of builder business and not just retail business. They will be helpful in developing your cost estimate aside from being able to supply you with almost all of the materials you need from lumber to nails, pipes, wires, etc.
  •  Your supplier should be able to provide you with the basic building materials for your dream project, including:

○       Concrete and masonry products

○       Sand and gravel

○       Steel

○       Trusses

○       Hardware – nails, screws, paint, tapes, electrical wires, plumbing pipes and accessories, etc.

○       Lumber / timber

○       Floor covering materials

○       Cabinet accessories

○       Prefabricated doors

○       Glass and mirrors

  • Make sure the lumber that will be supplied to you is dried according to local building code in terms of moisture content.
  • Remember to ask for “builder prices”. Suppliers usually give discount to people like you who intend to get a houseful of materials. If the supplier tells you that they don’t give discount regardless of the quantity you are buying, you’re better off finding another one that has more consideration.
  • Check your supplier’s return policy. You only get to check the quality of the materials you ordered when they are delivered to your site. But because of the bulk of the materials to check during delivery, some faulty or defective materials may not come to the surface. Hence, it’s important that your supplier gives you allowance for checking the materials and accommodating returns within a reasonable time frame.
  • Ask about warranty period for some materials. If you are buying cabinet doors or handles that get distorted or deformed before installation, your supplier should accommodate replacement.
  • Check their payment terms. While you may get additional discount for paying cash, it will be to your advantage if you get a credit line from the supplier. This way, if any of the materials supplied to you has defect or damage, and they don’t want to replace them, you can always put on hold paying for any remaining balance retained under the credit terms.
  • Make sure the supplier has a copy of your material specifications so that they know exactly what you need for your project. If they provide you with the wrong material specification, it will be easier to argue that you have provided them with the list of material specifications so there should be no excuse for giving you the wrong materials.
  • Make sure that you have an agreement on returning excess materials they have estimates for the project. A general building supplier has the expertise in developing a cost estimate. This means they can approximate the number of floor tiles the whole project will require, or the number of wood panels each room will need. If after construction you find that there are significant quantity of materials not used, you may opt to keep them (you have paid for them anyway) or return to the supplier for a refund.

It’s of paramount importance that you choose the very best materials if you are building your dream home. Of course, with the help of your chosen architect, everything must fall into its perfect place. Knowing these things before you proceed with the construction of your home is as important as choosing the best architect in town. After all, this is where you and your family would want to spend many years of your lives.

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