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Finding The Best Architect In Thailand

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Building your dream home can be as exciting as having your first born. It embodies everything that you have worked hard for. And as this home is the embodiment of all your aspirations, it’s but right to make sure that it is built according to your needs and wants. Hence, you need to get someone to design it based on how you envision your home to look and be like.

While some homeowners prefer to just buy a set of pre-made plans, you wanted a design that is reflective of what you want and not what others need or want. So you have to choose the right and best architect for your dream home.

But what qualities do you look for in an architect?

It will help to ask around from other homeowners you know and get their advice based on their experience. Some of the qualities you need to check on the architect-candidate you will interview include:

Experience in Designing Residential Projects

Architects have different specialization just like doctors have theirs. Some architects specialize in building designs, while others specialize in commercial structures. You should check the architect’s track record to find out the kind of projects he has worked on. If you can have access to their previous projects, you can make an ocular inspection to get a closer look on the quality of the house. Alternatively, you can visit their website in order to have an idea of the kind of projects they are known for.

Professional License and Accreditations

In order to have proper accountability, you should look for an architect who is licensed to professionally practice in Thailand, and has member-affiliations or accreditation with recognized industry or local organizations. If you hire an architect, you want to be sure that if he failed to deliver his part of the contract, you can get help from said organizations or groups to resolve the problem.

Quality of Project

Characteristic of many Thai architects is the dramatic effect on their designs. You can have this sense if you can see some of the projects your candidate architect has done in the past. Look for the comfortable features of their designs – does it allow free flow movement or if the spaces are cramped or crowded. On the exterior, what effect does it have on people who see it? Does it elicit admiring comments or feedback? Or does it reflect a sense of hostility or aloofness? This is important because you don’t want people passing by making unpleasant comments about your house.

Architectural / Engineering Drawings in Thai Language

During your initial meeting with the architect-candidate, if he does not volunteer to show you some of the architectural or engineering drawings they have prepared for a previous project, you should demand to see them. This will give you an idea of how professional they are in terms of organizing their ideas in architectural drawings before implementing them. As a home owner, you would need to have a set of as built plans and drawings which you can refer to in the future as the need arises. And remember that these drawings should also be translated into Thai language to ensure comprehension.

Familiarity with Local Laws and Regulations

Thailand has specific rules / laws for everything. Your architect should have an established and good relationship with the local authorities especially those involved in implementing housing regulations. If you are building your home, you would need to apply for permits and licenses, etc. If your architect knows his way in the government offices, compliance will come as a breeze.

Reasonable Fee

While it would make you happy to find an architect who doesn’t charge exorbitant fees, you should also take that as a sign to doubt their capabilities. Quality work often dictates a relatively higher price. You can ask around to determine the prevailing market price and make sure that your architect is not undercharging or overcharging you for the design services he will provide you.

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