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Construction Cost Phuket

Estimating Construction Costs

So, you want to start a project? Good. Whether you’re the project owner or a construction company hired for a certain project, proper planning is essential. It is a fundamental principle in construction that the foundation determines the quality of […]

Small Modern House Phuket

Big Enough: Why a Smaller House May be the Better Option

Less is more, right? Well, it depends. The phrase has never been taken all too well in the real estate and constructions fields. Phuket contractors will rarely be asked to build something small. It is an industry for the big […]

Countertop Materials

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Countertop Materials

We summarize down the advantages and disadvantages of laminate, wood, concrete and stainless steel kitchen countertops. Selecting a kitchen or kitchen countertop may be nerve-wracking, and we understand why—they may be one of the most high priced factors of a renovation, with the added […]

Things to do for Designing Children’s Room

Designing your children’s room can be entertaining, but it’s highly challenging. So what are the keys to creating a pain-free and successful children’s room? PLANNING. Sotech got you covered with advice on designing a child’s room. Carefully draw a floor plan. Every perfectly designed room starts with a plan! Knowing […]

Tips in Designing a Walk In Closet

Each woman has daydreamed about having a beautiful dressing room all her own sooner or later. it would be like a wonderful getaway wherein she can be on my own along with her mind and in the long run emerge […]

bathroom tiles

5 tips in choosing the best bathroom tile

With hundreds of different tiles available on the market in nearly every color, finish, size, form, and style , it’s no wonder that many people experience beaten on the concept of choosing the correct tile for a bathroom project, whether […]