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Home Value Phuket

Increase Your Home Value

Real estate is always a solid investment. Whether you bought it or built it yourself, anyone would appreciate an appreciation in value for any property owned. From a certain base value, there are ways to improve it and get a […]

Tech and Construction Phuket

Tech & Construction

What comes to your mind when you think about construction? Well, depending on how old you are or where you are from, your perception about construction or what it means to be a contractor may be very different from the […]

Women in construction

Women in Construction

A rather outdated misconception is that construction is a male industry. That it is for men. More women are however taking up jobs in construction and even starting their own Phuket construction companies. For the small percentage of women that […]

Foreman Construction Phuket

Duties of a Foreman

A foreman or foreperson, by definition, is more or less a manager or a supervisor. They often operate in trades and industries considered as manual in nature. These include the like of construction companies in Phuket and manufacturing. Any contractor […]

Construction Cost Phuket

Estimating Construction Costs

So, you want to start a project? Good. Whether you’re the project owner or a construction company hired for a certain project, proper planning is essential. It is a fundamental principle in construction that the foundation determines the quality of […]

Small Modern House Phuket

Big Enough: Why a Smaller House May be the Better Option

Less is more, right? Well, it depends. The phrase has never been taken all too well in the real estate and constructions fields. Phuket contractors will rarely be asked to build something small. It is an industry for the big […]