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Garden Design Tips

With regards to gardening design, it may end up pretty difficult to actually expect them as it is definitely a category that could appear trend-proof to many; however growing a garden layout that consists of your personality and the trends […]

Space-saving solutions that beautifully make the most on compact rooms.

Whether you have got bought a smaller condominium to suit your budget and decrease your environmental footprint or your space is only a little smaller than you would love it to be, all you need is a touch innovative interior design to make it experience like you have got the space you need. The furnishings pieces you select and the way you set up them could make the distance seem larger or can increase the capability of the space. you may also do creative matters with paint colours, lighting fixtures and mirrors to make […]

How to cool off container homes

If you are fortunate enough to live in a tropical climate then at some point of the summer time you could find your shipping container home receiving too much heat… similar to any other houses. What do you need to do regarding this?  You can always simply set up an air-conditioning, however we are looking to preserve our expenses down and be as low as possible. So we’ve prepared a list of basic guidelines and tips that can be used to cool your container home down. A number of them are more drastic than […]

Benefits of putting color on your kitchen

The information surrounding the psychological effects of color on mood and productiveness are fairly widely known. but, what impact does color have on our perception of food and our appetites? keep reading to find out how different colors have an […]

Types of Beautiful Stairs for your Home

A staircase may additionally carry out an the easy task of connecting two different floors in a structure, but in truth, it can be one of the most structurally complicated parts of a building. Designs can variety in terms of the kind of riser, style of tread and nosing, technique of structural support, and material choice. check some of our favorite staircases which can be beautifully executed. Straight Stairs Straight Stairs are truly one of the most common styles of stairs found in each residential and commercial homes. straight stairs have a tendency to be the easiest to go up and down […]

Ways To Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning

Thailand, Being a tropical country has two seasons, sunny and rainy. Although during summertime or sunny days temperatures are rising and air conditioners are all cranked up that it causes long term damage to the environment. People have survived unbearable […]