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Ways To Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning

Thailand, Being a tropical country has two seasons, sunny and rainy. Although during summertime or sunny days temperatures are rising and air conditioners are all cranked up that it causes long term damage to the environment. People have survived unbearable […]

Clever Storage  Ideas

Need to free up space in your home, condominium or villa? Here are some helpful storage ideas that may be quite a space saver. Each day, people accumulate more and more possessions, all of which need to be stored away […]

What Exactly Does a Sotech Architect Do?

Sotech isn’t just a construction firm but we do have in house Architects that would cater to those who want to have a one stop advisor for construction and design. Different architects have different answers as to what the details […]

Things to do during accidents on project site

In this world, there are lots of accidents happening every minute and second that we really can’t avoid it may it be on the street, home or even a construction site. One thing needs to be done is to be […]

Renovation Tips to Increase Home Value

Last week we posted about how to increase value for homes and renovation is an essential factor. Today we would like to discuss which renovations increase home value. Renovations, whether or not large (adding a brand new room) or small […]

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Planning to sell your villa/house? Here’s How To Increase Home Value!

There are lots of villas and homes in the beautiful Island of Phuket and here’s how you can improve the value of your property if you are planning to sell it. Remodeling Plan Whether or not you simply bought a […]